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Authors: S. Kumaravel, K. Girija

JERS/ Volume IV/ Issue IV/ Oct.-Dec. 2013/01-03

The consumption of cement industry caused pollution to the environment. It is important to reduce CO2 emission through the greater use of substitute for ordinary Portland cement. The processing of geopolymer using fly ash and alkaline activator solution depends on such a solution prepared as different moles concentration of sodium hydroxide. After making the concrete cylinders, it is cured and tested for compressive strength. The durability of Geopolymer concrete is tested by immersion in chemicals that are sulphuric acid and sodium sulphate. Alumina-Silicate is the binder in GPC, which react with acid and salt. The nominal strength concrete is used, with different NaOH concentrations, such as 8 M, 10 M, 12 M and 14 Moles. These specimens are immersed separately in 5 percent of sodium sulphate and different concentrations of sulphuric acid for 90 days. The weight and compressive strength of acid and sulphate reaction on geopolymer concrete cylinders are determined. The 12 mole GPC specimens show excellent resistance against acid and salt.


Authors: Mahesh A. Kotangale, Dr. D.V. Bhope

JERS/ Volume IV/ Issue IV/ Oct.-Dec. 2013/04-06

This paper reports stress analysis of curved pipe with different end constraints using finite element method. The stress analysis is carried out by varying various geometric parameters of curved pipe such as diameter of pipe, r/d ratio and included angle ‘θ’.


Authors: Syed Imran Ahmed S. K., Dr. M. M. Bhoomkar

JERS/ Volume IV/ Issue IV/ Oct.-Dec. 2013/07-09

Corrugated Fibre Board has been a versatile packaging material especially in secondary and tertiary packaging segment. Its versatility is proven due to its characteristics like light weight, flexibility, ease in conversion in any possible design, available in different varieties of flutes for different applications, flat when not in use and erected just in time hence require less space when not in use, strength in low and medium weight packaging segment, appealing and soft surface provide ease in surface decoration using Screen, flexography and even with lithography and recyclability all these makes this material versatile.
Besides various other factors, Flute Profile and generally considered less significant i.e. Fluting Paper are the two key parameters responsible for the Edge Crush Test “ECT” and Flat Crush Test “FCT” strengths in corrugated fibre boards. In this research Fluting Papers is considered as a significant parameter which influences the above mentioned strengths in corrugated fibre board. For the purpose of strength evaluation, the corrugated fibre boards are made using two types of Fluting Papers; completely recycled general fluting i.e. Recycled Fluting Paper “RFP” and Special Fluting Paper “SFP” mix of virgin & recycled pulp in a ration of 20:80%. Remaining parameters of the corrugated board are constant.

Authors: Randeep Singh Chib, Mehak Sharma, Hartaj Singh

JERS/ Volume IV/ Issue IV/ Oct.-Dec. 2013/10-15

This paper presents to exploit demo model of DSTATCOM & the block Parameters of the controller is being tuned by using matlab Simulation. The main objective of the paper is to show that using DISTRIBUTION STATCOM (DSTATCOM), it is possible to reduce the voltage fluctuations like sag and swell conditions in distribution systems. In this Paper different topologies of DSTATCOM (distribution static compensator) are discussed. The distribution static compensator (DSTATCOM) shunt connected device capable of compensating power quality problems in the load current. A shunt active filter is intended for installation on a power distribution system. The active filter has an additional capability to regulate the distribution line voltage by means of adjusting reactive power. Theoretical analysis investigates the dynamic performance of combined harmonic damping and voltage regulation. As a result, harmonic damping makes it possible to improve the stability of the control loop for voltage regulation, and the combined harmonic damping. The system with control scheme is implemented in Matlab/Simulink. The simulation results are shown in figures. The main objective of the paper is to show that using DSTATCOM it is possible to reduce the voltage fluctuations like sag and swell conditions in distribution systems.


Authors: Prof M.N.Parmar, Prof.(Dr.) Abhijit Kulshreshtha, C.D. Patel

JERS/ Volume IV/ Issue IV/ Oct.-Dec. 2013/16-18


Authors: S. S. Bagchi*, N. Mahore

JERS/ Volume IV/ Issue IV/ Oct.-Dec. 2013/19-20

High concentration fly ash slurry is the fly ash disposal system that is followed in many coal based thermal power in India. It is important to measure the concentration of ash in the slurry being transported through slurry sample. Efforts to reduce the dilution of the slurry will result in energy conservation as well as water conservation. The latter is even more important to overcome the problem of excess water consumption. Attempts have been made to obtain the exact slurry concentration and water holding capacity of fly ash through laboratory experiments. It is observed that the density of slurry varies from 1.17 to 1.60 for different concentration of the slurry and water holding capacity of ash increases with the increase in ash concentration. Maximum possible water recovery is observed between 57-58% of total water used for above mentioned slurry concentration.


Authors: Chandan D.Chaudhari, Anand P. Joshi, Sainath A.Waghmare

JERS/ Volume IV/ Issue IV/ Oct.-Dec. 2013/21-23

For occupant safety, Crash test analysis provides vital information to design safety elements for vehicles. This paper focuses on the 40% offset bumper beam crash test analysis with obstacles based on the objectives and comparable safety performances by EuroNCAP[ 1]. The bumper is fixed with the internal and external crash boxes to absorb energy developed. The model built using CATIA and discretized with HYPERMESH while the simulation of crash done in LSPREPOST and ANSYS LS-DYNA as a solver. Result illustrates the von-misess stress behaviour of the bumper beam system to assist for safety design of the vehicle components

Authors: Pallavi Shrivastava,Dr. Akhilesh R Upadhayay

JERS/ Volume IV/ Issue IV/ Oct.-Dec. 2013/24-28

Probabilistic Neural Network with image and data processing procedures was utilized to apply an automated mind lump classification. The traditional method for health care resonance mind photos type and lumps detection is by human examination. Operator-assisted type approaches are unwise for big amounts of data and are also non-reproducible. Medical Resonance images have a noise caused by operator efficiency which could result in severe inaccuracies category. The use of artificial smart strategies for instant, neural networks, and fuzzy logic shown wonderful potential in this area. Hence, in this system the Probabilistic Neural Network was secured the objectives. Decision manufacturing was executed in 2 phases: component removal utilizing the primary part study and the Probabilistic Neural Network (PNN). The performance of the PNN classifier was assessed in terms of training performance and type precisions. Probabilistic Neural Network offers quickly and precise category and is an appealing device for category of the lumps.