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  International Journal of Pharmaceutical Studies and Research

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Authors: Jain Amit K, Hatila Umashankar

  IJPSR/Volume II/ Issue IV/ October-December, 2011/1-6

The objective of our review is to compile the recent advancements and literatures regarding the novel dosage form i.e. the floating drug delivery systems (FDDS) that can be retained in the stomach for a prolonged period of time and gives therapeutic action in a predetermined manner. The methodologies used in the development of FDDS by formulating effervescent and non effervescent floating tablets based on buoyancy mechanism. By utilizing above feasible approaches it is possible to deliver drugs which have narrow therapeutic window. Our review article suggests that gastro retentive dosage forms (GRDFs) can be the possible way to improve patient compliance and robustness. Various pharma companies opted advance technologies to make FDDS commercialized in large scale despite of several limitations. So, in future we hope to have a rational GRDF thatís promises to be a potential approach for gastric retention.