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IJAERS/Vol. VI/Issue I/Oct.-Dec, 2017/01-05

  Authors: Hrushikesh B. Kulkarni*, Suraj S. Mahamuni, Prajakta M. Gaikwad, Mayur A Pula, Shubham Mahamuni, Sagar H. Bansode, Aniket A. Kulkarni, Yogesh B. Shete, S. A. Nehatrao

Particulate polymer composites comprise of polymer as matrix and variety of micro or nano fillers. The main objective behind inclusion of filler material in polymer matrix is to improve the various properties as well as make the composite economically viable. In the present work, graphite (size less than 75 μm) is taken as micro filler for preparation of epoxy composites. Experimental study has been carried out to study the effect of addition of fly ash at different weight percentage i.e 3wt%, 6wt%, 9wt% and 12wt% on the mechanical properties of epoxy composites. Mechanical properties such as Impact strength, Flexural strength, Flexural modulus and Fracture toughness are studied as per ASTM standards. Specimens are prepared using open mould casting. The results showsthe enhancement in Impact strength, fracture toughness, Flexural strength and Flexural modulus is by 100% and 50.96%, 73.5% and 19% at 12wt% of graphite in epoxy composites as compared to pure Epoxy. .